The Avengers 2: A Wish List


On September 25th, one of the best comic book movies of all time was finally released on DVD.  No, I am not talking about Howard the Duck.

That movie is, of course, The Avengers.  Instead of making movies about guys in tights punching people an exploration into psychoanalytics (The Dark Knight Rises), an obviously heartless excuse to rake in millions (The Amazing Spider-Man) or just really retarded (Ghost Rider: Spirits of Vengeance) The Avengers realized exactly what it was and ran with it: a movie about guys in tights punching people.  It traded complex plots with what every fanboy wants to see: our favorite heroes fighting each other and then fighting something else.  It’s not that I don’t think comics can be deep (I mean, come on, Watchmen people!); it’s just that The Avengers didn’t need to be that.  It was fun, funny, entertaining, action-packed and, as a result, awesome.

So when the sequel comes out here are a list of characters that I would love to see make an appearance:

1.) Ms. Marvel

The Avengers was directed  by Joss Whedon and odds are he will be behind the camera of the sequel as well.  Whedon loves him some strong female characters (see Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly) and he showed that side of himself pretty well with the Black Widow character in Avengers.  She was strong, capable, smart, deadly and sexy while avoiding degradation.  However, she was powerless.  Let’s face it, in a real fight with the Hulk (I mean on open ground) she would last about fifteen seconds.  I would love to see how he handles a superpowered female in the sequel; someone who could go head to head with anyone on the team and possibly come out victorious.  Ms. Marvel is just the woman for the job.  In the comics, Carol Danvers is not just extremely powerful in battle (hosting abilities like super strength, resistance to damage, flight and the ability to blast beams of photon energy) but is also a strong person overall.  She strives to be the best hero she can be and will not let anyone pull her down.  I think Whedon would have a lot of fun with this character.

Who should play her: Ali Larter

2.) Luke Cage

Both Black Panther and Falcon are rumored to be in Avengers 2 (let’s just say that having a green guy on your team doesn’t make you ethnically diverse).  However, I would vote to see Luke Cage be the guy that tips this balance a little as opposed to the other guys mentioned above.  Not only is he stronger than them (boasting unbreakable skin, near invulnerability and super strength) but he would add personality.  With sarcastic and egotistical characteristics similar to Iron Man/Tony Stark it might be nice to see someone try and out talk the team’s resident loudmouth.  Think Shaft except as a superhero.

Or they could just get Shaft…

Who should play him: Terry Crews

3.) Dr. Strange 

The Avengers already have an enormous monster, a super powered human, a technology based hero, a spy, a god and an average Joe (with a bow and arrow).  What else do they need?  A magic dude, of course!  And in the mythology of the Marvel universe there is no one more magical than Dr. Strange!  Including him would also add a wise and seemingly all knowing character, which would be a nice addition.

I would settle for wise and created by Jim Henson, though.

Who should play him: Gary Oldman

You could go on for ages about the Avengers that deserve to be in this sequel so I will just stop here with these three suggestions.  I know you have someone else in mind so please comment away and let us know who you would like to see!

Songs listened to while writing this: “Ada” by The National, “2 Atoms and a Molecule” by Noah and the Whale, “Acetone” by Mudhoney, “Aberdeen” by Cage the Elephant, a lot of Starf****r, “A Beautiful Mine” by RJD2


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