Our Mission Statement

Every organization needs a mission statement and the folks over here at DibbleIsDead.com (one lonely writer) are no exception at all to this rule.  That is why we (I) decided to write up this quick overview of what services this site is going to do its very best to provide to you, the dear reader.

1.) This is a movie site…

I once heard a wise man say you should “write what you know”.  Well, I don’ t know much of anything but I like movies so I just figured I would write about that.  Whether its a review of a new release, an old “classic” (such as Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo), a piece on a particular actor or some other thing (I’m not big on ideas at the moment) I will spend most of my time writing on film and things related to that industry.

2.) … kind of.

Notice how I ended that last paragraph with “most of my time”?  That’s because, although I want to focus mostly on movies, I can see myself doing articles on comic books, music and just about anything else if the situation arises.  So while 99% of the content on here will be on movies you can definitely expect to see a few articles on how good this month’s Amazing Spider-Man was (spoiler alert: sooo good).

3.) It’s all supposed to be funny

At the end of the day this is a humor site, I guess.  Whatever I write on I will approach the only way I know how: sarcastically.  So if you are wanting to see a genuine piece on how the family dynamics in The Godfather relate to Coppola’s other work then you are probably on the wrong site.  But if you want to read something making fun of a Friday the 13th movie for ten minutes then, hey, welcome home pal!

4.) Participation is welcome

I want to see comments straight up vandalize this site, yo.  Not, like, in an offense way or anything though.  I guess I meant to say “comments are encouraged”.  Also if you enjoy what you read here please share it with your friends!  Lastly, if you want to take a stab at writing an article for this site just let me know (you can contact me in the comments, I read every last one)!  I would love to have other people’s work on here.

Well that’s it for now.  Enjoy the site, Dear Readers.  I made this for you.

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